Accreditation Benchmarks and Thresholds Memo

This report contains benchmarks and threshold used for accreditation scoring. Although it is posted annually, benchmarks and thresholds may be held constant for several years on a measure level; thus, the report does not reflect current HEDIS percentiles.
Posted: Annually, in February.
Use: Accreditation scoring, plan comparison.

Benchmarks and Thresholds: 2018 Accreditation (updated 2.4.18)

NCQA's Health Insurance Plan Ratings

NCQA’s annual Health Insurance Ratings includes both NCQA Accredited and non-Accredited health plans based on their combined HEDIS®, CAHPS® and NCQA Accreditation Standards scores. NCQA uses a methodology which classifies plans into scores from 0-5 in 0.5 increments – a system similar to CMS’ Five-Star Quality Rating System.
Use: National analysis, plan comparison, press releases.

NCQA Health Insurance Plan Ratings
Information for Health Plans

Quality Compass

NCQA’s Quality Compass provides comparative and descriptive performance information on hundreds of Commercial, Medicaid and Medicare health plan submissions as well as national, regional and state benchmarks. The online database features up to three years of performance trending of HEDIS and CAHPS® measures for publicly reporting plans.
Posted: Annually
Use: Regional analysis, plan-level comparison, quality improvement

More Information

State of Health Care Quality

This report contains aggregate data with selected national HEDIS and CAHPS percentiles. It provides the national mean average for the current year, as well as previous years' national averages for the selected measures. It is posted to NCQA's Web site and includes additional information related to cost and productivity, as well as physician-level programs. 
Posted: Annually, in September or October.
Use: Trending, press releases.

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