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ViVE 2024

February 25-28 in Los Angeles, CA

Join us at booth #1323 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA. If you’re interested in scheduling an in-person meeting with us, kindly submit the meeting request form on this page.

Unlock the Power of Digital Quality with NCQA

For over 30 years, the National Committee for Quality Assurance has been at the forefront of the health care quality movement. Now, in the digital age, we are advancing quality measurement to be more accessible and actionable than ever before. Our digital quality ecosystem is designed to streamline data aggregation and reporting, helping your organization stand out and making the most of contracting prospects.

Discover the Future with NCQA’s Digital Quality Solutions

When exchanging clinical data, maintaining its integrity is crucial. We’ve developed the Data Aggregator Validation program to ensure that the data you exchange for quality is trusted and reliable. We validate clinical data streams, making them suitable for use in HEDIS® reporting, contracting, and closing gaps in care.

Explore Transformative Solutions

Are you ready to be a digital quality pioneer? NCQA invites you to transform the way you integrate quality measures into your products and workflows. With our Digital Content Services, you can easily configure, schedule, and run digital HEDIS measures in your cloud environment. Our FHIR® CQL HEDIS measures and built-in measure engine offer a seamless solution that aligns with the latest data standards. Say goodbye to excessive programming and certification efforts, and effortlessly export measure results to your preferred tools.

 Get Your Health IT Solution Prevalidated

Health IT systems can earn NCQA Prevalidation to demonstrate their system’s functionality can support or meet NCQA standards.

Advance Health Equity

High-quality care is equitable care and there is no quality without equity. NCQA’s Health Equity Accreditation programs offer an actionable framework to help organizations continuously improve—and prioritize—health equity for the patients and communities they serve.

Prepare for Virtual Care

NCQA’s Virtual Care Accreditation focuses on primary care and urgent care delivered through virtual modalities. This new product serves as a roadmap for safe, effective and equitable care delivered virtually, recognizing the elements that are crucial to quality in this area. Don’t miss the chance to join the waitlist as an early adopter in the Virtual Care program. Launching late Summer 2024.

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