Digital Content Services—Early Adopter Program

Join NCQA’s Early Adopters Program for Digital Content Services and become a Performance Measurement Trailblazer

Since Spring of 2022, NCQA has been piloting solutions to advance digital quality and to support the scalability of configurable, digital HEDIS quality measures for a variety of use cases, including quality reporting, improvement programs, and more.

As the pilot program comes to a close, NCQA invites organizations to apply to the Early Adopters Program for Digital Content Services.

Participants of the Early Adopter Program will have access to our cloud-based, configurable, digital quality measures, measure processing engine, and data quality tools for testing and use. Participants will also receive premium support with access to NCQA experts for assistance with setup and implementation. This is a unique opportunity to shape the future of digital quality and performance measurement.

As a participant in the Early Adopter Program, you can:

  • Shape the design of digital solutions that reduce the burden of quality measurement by aligning measurement across all levels of accountability in the health care system.
  • Inform NCQA product development to maximize long-term value for your program, health plan/system, and/or health plan clients.
  • Be considered a trailblazer for digital quality and performance measurement. NCQA may develop case studies and press releases to highlight your experience and participation.

For more information about the Early Adopter Program, including requirements for participation, fill out the included form.