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Thu, Oct 7–Thu, Nov 4
Explaining Health Plan Accreditation (HPA) 2022 Series

Faculty will equip participants with guidance for interpreting the requirements, navigating the standards, and avoiding misconceptions. Faculty will also facilitate short activities to simulate how to address requirements.

Tue, May 4–Thu, Mar 31
Implementing a Population Health Focused Quality Program...

This course examines opportunities for implementing a networkwide QI program through a population health lens, with a focus on behavioral health.

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Tue, May 4–Thu, Mar 31
Quality Innovation Series 2021: All Access Pass

The Quality Innovation Series is a collection of educational activities on a variety of topics. The All Access Series Pass provides the entire comprehensive curriculum of sessions for the whole Series.

Tue, May 4–Thu, Mar 31
Building Better Care–Developing a Health Care Quality Index

This session will highlight the development of a Health Care Equity Index (HCEI), a tool to help identify opportunities within a health plan, monitor progress towards closure of disparities and help communities and the state meet Health Care Equity goals.

Tue, May 4–Thu, Mar 31
QI Series 2021 Chapter: Value-Based Care & Payer-Provider...

The pandemic bolstered the case for accelerating the move to value-based payment models. Entities in value-based models that focus on population health and accountability already had systems of care in place and were able to quickly adapt.

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Tue, May 4–Thu, Mar 31
Improving Chronic Kidney Disease Care...

This course highlights NCQA's recently developed tools/resources for improving CKD care.

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Tue, Oct 19 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm ET
Value-Based Contracting and Specialty Pharmaceuticals: ...

Drug developers no longer have FDA approval as their top concern. Now payer coverage, access and reimbursements are the primary concern. Payer resistance to pay for treatment failures is growing when individual patient specialty drug therapy costs are $20

Live Online

Creating Alignment Between Value-Based Care...

This course will examine the changing relationships between patients, physicians, hospitals, insurers, employers, communities and government in the current value-based landscape.

Leveraging Clinical Champions ...

The transition to value-based care is fixed on payment models. However, stewarding a culture of value within the care setting is of equal importance.

Tackling Disease Care in Rural Communities...

During this course, we assess population health improvement opportunities and interventions for rural communities.

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