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All About Credentialing: Conquering the Requirements

Self-paced Bundle
Expires: December 31, 2024

This bundle presents our Introduction to Credentialing Standards and Advanced Credentialing courses.

All About Credentialing: Conquering The Requirements

These two Credentialing courses have been bundled with you in mind! Faculty will walk through a detailed explanation of each Credentialing standard for our Introduction to Credentialing course. In our Advanced Credentialing course you will be provided a learning environment to strategize and share lessons learned. Come prepared to interact with our expert faculty and your peers for an opportunity to define, plan and achieve excellence. 

Introduction to NCQA’s Credentialing Standards 
Course Expires: December 31, 2024

This virtual course provides an in-depth explanation of NCQA’s credentialing standards. Faculty will walk learners through a detailed explanation of each Credentialing standard and lead them through scenarios that are designed to mimic real-life credentialing scenarios. A demo of NCQA’s Interactive Review Tool (IRT) will be provided to guide learners through key steps for submitting documentation for the survey.

Advanced Credentialing: Achieving Performance Excellence
Course Expires: December 31, 2024

In this interactive course faculty will guide learners in addressing critical performance implications for credentialing. Various strategies and lessons learned will be presented to help professionals define, plan, and achieve excellence in credentialing.  Faculty will also provide a demo of NCQA’s Interactive Review Tool (IRT) will address the nuances of submitting documentation for the survey.
Course topics are not exclusive to NCQA requirements, but are applicable to NCQA requirements for both Health Plan Accreditation (HPA) and Credentialing Accreditation. A working knowledge of Credentialing will be beneficial for a successful learning experience.

•    Each attendee must register as a unique participant, as required by the NCQA Terms of Use.

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