Highlights of 2023 Illuminate 2024 Priorities

December 14, 2023 · Andy Reynolds

Ten popular blog posts from 2023 reveal what’s on our minds and what’s coming in 2024.

What Our President Told 1,500 Summit Guests

  • NCQA President Peggy O’Kane’s remarks to open our largest conference ever, the 2023 Health Innovation Summit, is an accessible introduction to NCQA’s thinking and strategy.
  • The goals and recent accomplishments Peggy mentioned drive a lot of what we’ll do in 2024.
  • The seven minutes it takes to read this post is time well spent if you want to glimpse where quality is headed.

Improving Behavioral Health Care Inside Primary Care

  • This post is a keeper because it unites two priorities that will pervade 2024: primary care and behavioral health.
  • Expect our 2024 webinars and in-person events to feature dynamic leaders doing important things in both areas.

New Ideas on Digital Diabetes Technologies

  • We see great potential for wearables in treating chronic conditions such as diabetes.
  • Quality Talks 2022 speaker Diana Isaacs helped alert us to what a game-changer wearables can be.
  • We’ve been eager to learn as much as we can about wearables ever since.

Now We Can Validate Your FHIR Data

  • Expanding our Data Aggregator Validation program to validate FHIR output files was a momentous accomplishment that set NCQA apart in 2023.
  • CMS is urging the industry to adopt FHIR. Not many organizations are able to give us FHIR data yet. But if you’re ready to work with FHIR, let’s talk. We’re ready for you.

Retiring and Replacing HEDIS Measures, 2024-2026

  • Bookmark this post for future reference. It summarizes several years of planned retirements and other updates.
  • HEDIS is always evolving. Now you know how it will change.

How We Help Medicaid & Long-Term Services and Supports

  • Our Public Policy team had a great 2023 helping state and federal agencies define and reach quality goals.
  • Helping states organize how Medicaid plans manage Long-Term Services and Supports is an example of our ongoing assistance to regulators.

Building Next-Generation Digital Quality Measures

  • Need a primer on digital quality basics?
  • Check out what we presented at the AMIA 2023 Clinical Informatics Conference.

Learn from Our Race and Ethnicity Stratification Learning Network

  • The April launch of our Race and Ethnicity Stratification Learning Network brought valuable know-how to health plans eager to improve health equity by first getting better at collecting race and ethnicity data.
  • We’ll keep updating data available through the Network. That means the Network will become an even more useful resource.

Democratizing Digital Quality Measurement

  • Digital Content Services, our new way of delivering digitalized FHIR CQL HEDIS measures, came into its own in 2023.
  • You don’t have to be a technical expert to appreciate what digitalizing measures can mean for quality.
  • This post can fill you in on how Digital Content Services can help you with the digital quality transition.

New Analysis Sums Up How to Measure Health Equity

  • We’re always looking for better ways to measure quality, and we’re careful to integrate health equity into everything we do.
  • A policy brief we released in February united of those priorities. It analyzed four ways to measure health equity among Medicaid plans.
  • If you’re interested in how to assess health equity for vulnerable populations, this policy brief is for you.
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