Now We Can Validate Your FHIR Data

August 16, 2023 · Andy Reynolds

NCQA now validates FHIR output files as part of our Data Aggregator Validation program.

  • We announced in early August we’ve expanded our Data Aggregator service to validate FHIR files–an enhancement that conforms with key industry standards.
  • FHIR files can be exchanged across the health care ecosystem by Health Information Exchange (HIE) organizations, health IT vendors, and anyone else aggregating clinical data.

Why It Matters

  • Validating FHIR output aligns with CMS’s efforts to promote the adoption of FHIR for data sharing.
  • Our new FHIR output option aligns with data exchange requirements from NCQA HEDIS CORE, CARIN v1.1.0, and US Core v3.1.1 standards.

The Big Picture

  • We’ve discussed that FHIR is a standard for exchanging health data electronically.
  • More health care organizations are using FHIR, because it offers:
    • Increased interoperability: FHIR makes it easier for different health care systems to share data–a big boost to care coordination.
    • Lower costs: FHIR can help reduce the cost of exchanging health data, because it’s more efficient than other options.
    • Better care: FHIR can help to improve patient care by making it easier for providers to access data. This can lead to better decision-making and more timely interventions.

Cozeva is Early

  • Cozeva, a unified data-driven platform for population health and performance management, is one of the first organizations seeking the NCQA seal for its FHIR data exchange.

Go Deeper on Data Aggregator Validation

  • Data Aggregator Validation confers the NCQA seal on a data stream, applying standards to the ingestion, management, and output of clinical data.
  • We assess two categories of standards:
    • Process, System and Data standards.
    • Output Data Integrity standards.
  • After successfully completing the 18-week program, organizations earn one of two designations:
    • Validated Data Stream: Organizations that fulfill all program requirements, including facilitating primary source verification (PSV), earn the Validated Data Stream designation.
    • Certified Data Partner: Organizations responsible for one or more program standards but may lack legal access to the primary source for PSV can earn the Certified Data Partner designation.

Your Next Move

  • Watch our our August 15 webinar about health information exchange, the impact of FHIR on quality measurement and the evolution of Data Aggregator Validation.
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