Tracks at Digital Quality Summit

Interactive, hands-on working sessions are a unique and popular feature of the Digital Quality Summit. Participants learn how to develop new ways to implement solutions, coordinate across disciplines and improve communication of health care information systems. This year, track leads and faculty will work with participants in virtual working sessions using online collaboration tools.

Track 1

Fast-Tracking Digital Data Collection and Exchange: Connecting Providers, Payers and Others

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Track 2

Computable Guidelines in the 21st Century: Evidence-Based Knowledge Assets and Digital Quality

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Track 3

Patient-Centered Outcomes: Integrating Social Determinants, Patient Experience and Patient-Reported Outcomes into Quality Measurement

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Track 4

Public Policies Driving Performance Measure Innovation: The Intersection of State and Federal Policy and Digital Quality Reporting Goals

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Track 5

Clinical Quality in Times of Uncertainty: What we can do now to Prepare for the Next Public Health Threat

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Track working sessions in 2019

Track working sessions in 2018


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