Tracks at Digital Quality Summit 2021

Interactive, hands-on working sessions are a unique and popular feature of the Digital Quality Summit. Participants learn how to develop new ways to implement solutions, coordinate across disciplines and improve communication of health care information systems. This year, track leads and faculty will work with participants in virtual working sessions using online collaboration tools.

Track 1: The Person @ the Center

Putting the person at the center of the digital quality picture requires a deep understanding of those elements that define high quality healthcare.  What is important to assess and how can we obtain the information necessary to accomplish the goal of patient-centered care?

Track Leads

Carol Macumber, MS, PMP, FAMIA
Executive Vice President of Professional Services, Clinical Architecture

Julia Skapik, MD
Medical Director, National Association of Community Health Centers

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Track 2: Digital Quality Measurement Development and Implementation

Understanding the new measure formats and digitalization is moving towards enabling the full potential of dQMs to improve healthcare quality.

Track Leads

Anne Marie Smith, MHSA, RN, BSN
Assistant Vice President, Performance Measurement, NCQA

Linda Michaelsen
Director, Healthcare Interoperability Standards, Optum

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Track 3: Shareable Knowledge Artifacts Across the Learning Health System

Meeting the promise of improved value of digital measurement means that the process must produce knowledge that is useful, actionable and shareable across the healthcare system.

A deep look at the role dQMs play in the learning health system and how the standards used for digital measurement can improve the quality of patient-provider interactions.

Track Leads

Ben Hamlin, MPH
Senior Research Informaticist, NCQA

Bryn Rhodes
Principal, Chief Technology Officer, Alphora

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Track 4: Digital Connections: Observational Research to Healthcare Quality Assessment

Data to Information: One Common Model to Rule them All.

Track Leads

Floyd Eisenberg, MD
President, iParsimony LLC

Christopher Chute, MD
Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Health Informatics, Professor of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing, Johns Hopkins University
Chief Research Information Officer, Johns Hopkins Medicine

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Track 5: Patient Safety and High Reliability Organizations: Lessons From Non-Healthcare Industries

What can we learn from other industries that can improve care quality and patient safety?

High reliability organizations and the principles from systems engineering that participants can deploy in their own healthcare settings.

Track Leads

Viet Nguyen, MD
Founder, Stratametrics

Steve Powell, MD
CEO, Synensys

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Track 6: Rethinking Diabetes Care in the Digital Age

  • Innovations in diabetes treatment and technology are transforming diabetes care.
  • Forging consensus for e-diabetes quality measurement and e-diabetes care with the goal of advancing patient-centered outcomes.

Track Leads

Maureen Hennessey, PhD, CPCC, CPHQ
Senior Vice President, Director of Value Transformation, PRECISIONvalue

Michael S. Barr, MD, MBA, MACP
Executive Vice President, Quality Measurement and Research Group, NCQA

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Track working sessions in 2019

Track working sessions in 2018

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