2021 Agenda (Online)


Preconference: July 12 (Monday)

Included in the Summit registration. No separate registration is required.

1:00 PM ETPreconference
1. FHIR® and CQL for Digital Quality
2. The Anatomy and Ecosystem of Digital Quality Measures (dQM)
3:00 PM ETEnd of Preconference

Day 1: July 13 (Tuesday)

11:00 AM ETIntroduction and WelcomeMichael Barr, MD, MBA, MACP
Executive Vice President, Quality Measurement and Research Group, NCQA
11:10 AM ETGeneral Session: Opening RemarksMargaret O’Kane
President, NCQA
Charles Jaffe, MD, PhD
Chief Executive Officer, HL7 International
11:40 AM ETGeneral Session: Opening Plenary
How VHA Uses Health IT to Achieve High Reliability and Improve Quality of Care
Gerard R. Cox, MD, MHA
Assistant Under Secretary for Health for Quality and Patient Safety, Veterans Health Administration
12:30 PM ETGeneral Session: Overview of Breakout ActivitiesBenjamin Hamlin, MPH
Senior Research Informaticist, Quality Measurement and Research Group, NCQA
12:40 PM ETDigital Solutions Showcase
1:20 PM ETBreak
1:45 PM ETBreakouts
Track 1: Social Determinants of Health and Their Impact on Digital Health Quality and Equity
Track 2: Overview of the Quality Data Ecosystem and Track Sessions Preview
Track 3: Introduction to the Learning Health System (LHS) and Digital Quality Knowledge Objects
Track 4: Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP): A Common Model for Measuring Quality and Performing Research
Track 5: Introduction to High Reliability Organizations (HRO) Principles
Track 6: Measuring Diabetes Care Beyond HbA1c and Depression
Track Leads
3:00 PM ETBreak
3:30 PM ETGeneral Session
Panel: Social and structural determinants of health—impact on digital healthcare equity and quality
Carol Macumber, MS, PMP, FAMIA (Moderator)
Executive Vice President of Professional Services, Clinical Architecture
Julia Adler-Milstein, PhD
Professor of Medicine & Director of the Center for Clinical Informatics and Improvement Research, University of California, San Francisco
Chris Grasso
Associate Vice President For Informatics and Data Services, Fenway Community Health
Vanessa Guzman
Chief Executive Officer, SmartRise Health
4:15 PM ETBreakouts
Track 1: Time for Change: Improving Standards Capturing Sex and Gender
Track 2: FHIR and CQL: A Case Study
Track 3: Assemble, Analyze, Interpret: Acquiring and analyzing data for digital quality measurement
Track 4: Highlighting Large Scale OMOP Projects, Implementations and Their Successions
Track 5: HRO Journey/Process From Other Industries: Lessons learned and pitfalls
Track 6: Opportunities for Diabetes Digital Measurement
Track Leads
5:15 PM ETGeneral Session
Plenary: Sharing Information in Clinical Care and Observational Research the OHDSI Journey and HL7 Collaboration
Ben Hamlin, MPH (Moderator)
Senior Research Informaticist, Quality Measurement and Research Group, NCQA
Christian Reich, MD, PhD
Principal Investigator, Observational Health Data Science and Informatics Collaborative (OHDSI)
W. Ed Hammond, PhD
Director, Duke Center for Health Informatics, Duke Translational Medicine Institute at Duke University
6:00 PM ETEnd of Day 1

Day 2: July 14 (Wednesday)

10:30 AM ETWelcomeFloyd Eisenberg, MD
President, iParsimony LLC
10:40 AM ETGeneral Session
Dissecting Algorithmic Bias
Ziad Obermeyer, MD
Blue Cross of California Distinguished Associate Professor of Health Policy and Management, UC Berkeley
11:25 AM ETDigital Solutions Showcase
12:05 PM ETBreakouts
Track 1: Patient-Centered Measures and Care Coordination
Track 2: Data Exchange for Quality Measures and Gaps In Care
Track 3: Sharing Clinical Knowledge
Track 4: FHIR to OMOP
Track 5: HRO Success Stories From Healthcare
Track 6: Digital Quality Measure Concepts for Diabetes Care
Track Leads
1:35 PM ETBreak
2:05 PM ETGeneral Session
Federal Roundtable
Floyd Eisenberg, MD (Moderator)
President, iParsimony LLC
Michelle Schreiber, MD
Director, Quality Measurement & Value Based Incentives Group (QMVIG), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Maria Michaels, MBA, PMP
Public Health Advisor, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Steve Posnack, MS, MHS
Deputy National Coordinator, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology
Edwin Lomotan, MD
Chief of Clinical Informatics, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
3:00 PM ETGeneral SessionKevin Pereau
Founder & CEO, TranscendIT Health
DJ Wilson (Moderator)
CEO, The State of Reform
3:40 PM ETBreakouts
Track 1: Health Equity Measures
Track 2: Digital Quality Measures in Action: Current and Future
Track 3: Applying Knowledge: Clinical decision making and care planning with patient level predictions
Track 4: The Potential for Quality Measurement for OMOP
Track 5: HRO Change Management and Organizational Leadership
Track 6: Implementing Digital Quality Measure Concepts for Diabetes Care
Track Leads
5:00 PM ETEnd of Day 2

Day 3 July 15 (Thursday)

10:00 AM ETWelcomeViet Nguyen, MD
Founder, Stratametrics LLC
10:15 AM ETGeneral Session
Applied Clinical Informatics in the COVID Era
Christopher Longhurst, MD, MS
CIO and Associate CMO, Quality/Safety, Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine, UC San Diego Health
11:00 AM ETGeneral Session
Mobile Credentials for Admission to Public Places and Travel Authorization
Brian Behlendorf (Moderator)
Executive Director of Hyperledger, The Linux Foundation
Mary Beth Kurilo
Senior Director of Health Informatics, American Immunization Registry Association
Nathan Bunker
Senior Technical Project Manager, American Immunization Registry Association
Kristina Crane
Chief Strategy Officer, STChealth
Brian Anderson, MD
Chief Digital Health Physician & Co-Principal Investigator, mCODE Standard Health Record, MITRE
Dakota Gruener
Executive Director, ID2020
11:45 AM ETBreak
12:15 PM ETBreakouts
Track 1: Patient-Developed Measures
Track 2: Patient-Developed Measures
Track 3: Taking Action: Setting patient-focused care goals that ultimately generate new evidence
Track 4: Where do we go From Here and how do we get to the Promised Land?
Track 5: Highly Reliable Data Governance
Track 6: Co/Re/Designing the Diabetes Recognition Program
Track Leads
1:30 PM ETGeneral Session: Panel
New models for collaboration on discovery and development of digital quality solutions
Jim Foss (Moderator)
Director, Digital Solutions, NCQA
Ashley George, PhD
CFO/Treasurer, Pistoia Alliance
Toni Land
Head of Clinical Healthcare Experience, Medallia
Hue Chiang
Manager, Innovation & Design, Continuous Improvement and Innovation, Seattle Children's
2:30 PM ETGeneral Session:
Wrap it all up panel: Where we are in our progress towards bridging the Digital Quality Chasm and what’s next?
Viet Nguyen, MD (Moderator)
Founder, Stratametrics LLC
Panelists will include select attendees and winner of the Digital Solutions Showcase.
3:15 PM ETEnd of Digital Quality Summit 2021

* Subject to change

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