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NCQA Prevalidation Program: For Vendors

To receive application material for PCMH or PCSP Prevalidation consideration please submit a request to PCS. Select the applicable recognition program and Prevalidation.

Benefits of Participation

  • Ability to transfer autocredit scores to eligible client practices, alleviating the administrative burden of providing documentation support for those factors approved for autocredit.
  • Ability to communicate direct alignment of product functionality to NCQA PCMH or PCSP factor requirements.
  • Establishes an ongoing, collaborative relationship with NCQA and gives vendors frontline details about planned policy changes and enhancements to NCQA Recognition Program requirements.


The technology solution possesses functionality that fully meets one or more NCQA factor level requirements that can result in approval autocredit or a practice support designation.

Outline of Steps for Participation

Vendors that want to apply to have their product prevalidated should:

Step 1: Review NCQA Prevalidation program information on the NCQA Web site.

Step 2: Submit initial prevalidation program participation inquiry through the PCS system at

Step 3: Participate in a prevalidation program orientation call with an NCQA representative.

Step 4: Purchase the NCQA Prevalidation Handbook (includes forms and fee schedule) and the Standards and Guidelines.

Step 5: Submit:
  • The prevalidation program agreement.
  • The program application.
  • The application fee.
Step 6: Attend the prevalidation consultation call (training) and identify functionality supported by the health IT solution.

Step 7: Submit the element review checklist and per-element fees.

Step 8: Submit the requested documentation and participate in a virtual review of the health IT solution’s functionality.

Step 9: NCQA finalizes review results and provides:
  • A prevalidation approval letter.
  • A summary approval table.
Step 10: Attend the post-review conference.

Step 11: Provide the letter of implementation of the health IT solution to client practices.

Step 12: Maintain prevalidated status by following annual maintenance of prevalidation requirements.

*  If a product’s functionality does not fully meet the factor’s requirement, NCQA will list all factors submitted, but not approved for autocredit on the Prevalidation Summary Approval Table.

To receive application material for NCQA Prevalidation consideration please submit a request to PCS.