NCQA Prevalidation Program: For Practices

List of NCQA Prevalidated Products

Benefits of Participation

  • Helps practices identify health care technology solutions that possess functionality that fully meet specific factor requirements within the NCQA PCMH or PCSP survey. 
  • Earning Prevalidation expresses to the practice that the vendor is committed to ensuring its product's functionality supports PCMH or PCSP requirements.
  • Autocredit minimizes documentation support requirements for specific factors within the PCMH or PCSP survey.


A practice or practice group has implemented the PCMH or PCSP prevalidated product throughout the entire practice for a minimum of 3 months before submission of the ISS Survey Tool. 

Outline of Steps for Participation

Practices that want to use autocredit for the survey should:

Step 1: Obtain the NCQA-issued Prevalidation Summary Approval Table, NCQA Letter of Product Autocredit Approval as well as a Letter of Product Implementation from the vendor, indicating which prevalidated tool(s)/modules approved for autocredit have been implemented at the practice.*

Step 2: Complete an application and enter into required agreements for the NCQA Recognition program.

Step 3: Upload the vendor Prevalidation Summary Approval Table, the NCQA Letter of Product Autocredit Approval and Product Implementation Letter from the vendor into the “Organizational Background” section of the ISS Survey Tool.

Step 4: In the Organization Background section under Prevalidation Tab of your ISS Survey tool, complete the site attestation under question 2B by checking the box. By doing so, you attest to the implementation and use of an NCQA Prevalidated health IT solution for associated autocredit points as specified in your attached NCQA Prevalidation Summary Approval Table. You will enter the name of the prevalidated health IT solution you are using in question 1.

Step 5: Submit the Survey Tool.

* The Letter of Product Implementation is drafted by the vendor on their organization’s company letterhead and will include dates of implementation. All tools/modules with indicated version must be in place a minimum of 3 months prior to submission of the Survey Tool to NCQA for review.

List of NCQA Prevalidated Products