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Our Public Policy team regularly submits comment letters to federal and state entities on a broad range of health care topics. Read our most recent comment letters below.

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  1. 12.10.2019

    NCQA Comments on OIG’s Proposed Anti-Kickback Rule Changes

    NCQA supports proposed changes to anti-kick rules for value-based payment arrangements.

  2. 12.10.2019

    NCQA Comments on Proposed Stark Rule Changes

    NCQA Supports changes to the Stark rule on physician self-referral for value-based payment arrangements.

  3. 10.24.2019

    NCQA Comments on National Vaccine Plan

    NCQA urges data standardization and validation and encouraging increased immunization information systems reporting

  4. 10.11.2019

    NCQA Comments on CMS Opioid Action Plan

    NCQA urges support for non-opioid pain management, evidence-based treatment and expanded access to care.

  5. 10.11.2019

    NCQA Comments on External Quality Review Protocols of Managed Care Organizations

    NCQA supports the addition of non-duplication language for mandatory EQR-related activities to reduce burden on managed care plans and states.

  6. 09.13.2019

    NCQA Comments on Proposed 2020 MACRA Rule

    NCQA supports the move to smaller sets of specialty-specific, outcome-based and population health measures in the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS).

  7. 08.13.2019

    NCQA Comments on ACA Non-discrimination Proposal

    NCQA opposed proposal to curtail protections for LGBT patients.

  8. 08.12.2019

    NCQA Comments on Patients over Paperwork

    NCQA urges CMS to increase bonuses points for electronic reporting to support the move to digital quality measurement.

  9. 06.24.2019

    NCQA Comments on Proposed Rule for Inpatient and Long-term Care Hospitals

    NCQA supports requiring EHR certification for electronic clinical quality measures and urges CMS to use our certification program that is the most rigorous.

  10. 05.20.2019

    NCQA Comments on ONC Data Blocking Rule

    NCQA strongly supports ONC's proposed rule to promote electronic data exchange and stop data blocking, which will advance NCQA's goal of automatically extracting quality measurement data from electronic health information sources.

  11. 05.20.2019

    NCQA Comments on CMS Proposed Rule for Improving Interoperability and Patient Access

    NCQA supports CMS proposed rule to stop data blocking and improve interoperability and patient access.

  12. 03.28.2019

    NCQA Endorses the Stabilized Medicaid & CHIP Act (Senate)

    NCQA supports House & Senate bills to require continuous 12-month coverage for everyone in Medicaid and CHIP, which is essential for improving and measuring quality.