FAQ Directory: Patient-Centered Specialty Practice Recognition Program (PCSP)

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6.13.2022 Is there a minimum threshold requirement when reporting a rate for Annual Reporting (PCSP AR 2022)?

It depends. If the AR requirement aligns with a PCSP criteria that explicitly specifies a threshold, then that value would be the minimum threshold. However, if a threshold is not explicitly stated in the criteria, then 80% or more is expected to ensure consistent application of the process. Please note that there may be some cases where it’s acceptable for the rate to fall below 80%. 

An explanation in the Note section of Q-PASS is required for practices that report a rate less than 80% for the following criteria: AR-AC 01 [Timely Clinical Advice by Telephone], AR-CC 04 [Tracking Lab Test Results], and AR-CC 05 [Tracking Imaging Test Results].

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