FAQs: Oncology Medical Home Recognition Program

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the NCQA Oncology Medical Home Recognition Program. If you don’t see what you are looking for below, you can ask a question through My NCQA.

What is the NCQA Oncology Medical Home Recognition Program?

NCQA Oncology Medical Home Recognition builds on the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model). It acknowledges that oncologists take on the principle long-term care of patients in active cancer treatment and helps foster better relationships with patients, supporting shared decision making. The NCQA Recognition program outlines essential components of oncology care—including 24/7 access to care, use of evidence-based treatment, and connection to needed resources, community supports and financial counseling support. Recognition guides practices toward using a systematic approach to tracking care and communicating with patients, caregivers and the care team.

How does NCQA Oncology Medical Home Recognition help my organization?

NCQA Oncology Medical Home Recognition provides a roadmap for oncology practices to provide patient-centered care, support patients throughout their cancer care and engage in ongoing practice and quality improvement. It helps practices establish processes and workflows to provide efficient, safe and well-coordinated care that is focused on cancer patients and their needs and preferences. This reduces fragmentation and inefficiency, supports shared decision making and improves the patient experience. Recognition increases communication and can improve the health of patients and reduce health care costs, setting the foundation for negotiating value-based payment arrangements with payers.

What are the requirements for NCQA Oncology Medical Home Recognition?

The Oncology Medical Home Recognition Program Standards and Guidelines document contains the program requirements and information your practice needs to demonstrate to NCQA that you meet the requirements of an oncology medical home. Refer to the concepts and criteria within this document, available for free download from the NCQA store. In this publication, you will find tables with the criteria and what evidence is needed to submit to NCQA to earn recognition. Learn more about the concept areas.

Where can I find the Standards and Guidelines?

The Standards and Guidelines document is the publication that contains the requirements for recognition. You can download this document for free through the in the NCQA Store.

What organizations are eligible for NCQA Oncology Medical Home Recognition?

Clinicians qualify if they specialize in oncology and are nonprimary care specialty doctors of medicine (MD), or Doctors of osteopathy (DO), or advanced practice registered nurses (APRN) (including nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists). View eligibility details.

What is the process for earning NCQA Oncology Medical Home Recognition?

To become an NCQA-Recognized Oncology Medical Home, a specialty practice downloads the Standards and Guidelines and completes the online application and eligibility check. The practice then learns the standards and begin the transformation process and when ready, submits documentation showing how the practice meets the standards. Learn more about the process.

What is the price for NCQA Oncology Medical Home Recognition?

Pricing varies based on practice size and number of practice sites. View pricing.

How long will it take to earn Oncology Medical Home Recognition?

Since practices work to transform at their own pace, it varies. But after you submit your survey, a decision is typically made within 60 days.

How do I get started?

If your practice is not currently recognized and is interested in learning more about NCQA Recognition, contact NCQA. If your practice is currently recognized and want to talk to someone about its current status, renewing or adding recognitions, submit a question through My NCQA.

Are there any other documents or information that will help me get started?

Go to the Get Started page on the NCQA website for everything you need to move forward with the Oncology Medical Home Recognition process.

What other organizations have earned Oncology Medical Home Recognition?

More than 13,000 primary and specialty care practices (with more than 67,000 clinicians) have earned NCQA Recognition. Find a directory of recognized organizations at the NCQA Report Card.

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