Information for Currently Recognized Oncology Practices in PCSP

NCQA Oncology Medical Home Recognition has been redesigned. The redesigned program includes ongoing, sustained Recognition status with Annual Reporting instead of a 3-year recognition cycle. It requires less paperwork and increases practice interaction with NCQA.

This section contains the tools and the information you need to renew recognition or add new practices. Here you will also find resources your practice needs to help guide you through the Recognition process.

Renewing Your Recognition

If your NCQA-Recognized PCSP practice is approaching renewal and you want to become an Oncology Medical Home, you will renew using a streamlined process.

Current Oncology Medical Home Standards & Guidelines

Download the Standards and Guidelines and review the concepts, competencies and criteria that make up the NCQA Oncology Medical Home Recognition program. You will no longer purchase Survey Tools for PCSP through the NCQA Store.

Accelerated Renewal: Existing PCSP 2013 and 2016 (LEVELS 1, 2 OR 3)

Practices currently recognized in PCSP 2013 and 2016 (Level 1, 2 or 3) earn Oncology Medical Home Recognition at an accelerated pace. You can attest to meeting criteria without the evidence and documentation of practices seeking recognition for the first time. Learn about the renewal process.

The Accelerated Renewal table included in the Standards and Guidelines Document helps you identify criteria to which you can attest.


If your NCQA-Recognized PCSP Level 3 practice is approaching renewal and you want to renew your PCSP Recognition, you will renew using an Annual Reporting process.

Annual Reporting sustains a practice’s recognition and encourages continuous quality improvement. Practices attest to some policies and procedures and submit evidence (documentation or measurement data) to NCQA to prove they meet requirements.

Download PCSP Annual Reporting requirements.

Education and Training

See education opportunities including live, in-person seminars, live webinars and on-demand webinars.

Oncology Medical Home Recognition Pricing

NCQA Oncology Medical Home Recognition pricing is based on a practice’s eligibility for single-site or multi-site pricing and on the number of clinicians in the practice.

Review Oncology Medical Home Recognition pricing.

Promoting Your Recognition

Earning NCQA Oncology Medical Home Recognition sets you apart from your peers in attracting patients and contracting with payers. Promote your status with these tools.

Download the seal signifying your recognition and view the marketing guidelines for NCQA Recognition Programs.

Recognized practices are listed in the NCQA Report Cards on the NCQA website. The directory can be searched by practices and clinicians.

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