Gratitude: The Team that Tested

July 15, 2019 · Matt Brock

NCQA is fortunate. We know it.

So, many people and organizations assist us in our mission to improve the quality of American health care. That spirit of volunteerism and collaboration—teamwork—strengthens everything we do to improve health outcomes.

It would be impossible to make the strides we’ve made and to conquer new challenges ahead without each and every one of these volunteers.

Gratitude: The Answered Call

We’re sort of spoiled. Inevitably, we ask. Inevitably, several organizations step forward.Thank You for Helping Out, Volunteers, Gratitude

That’s exactly what happened in early spring when we sent out an email request for help testing our new Measures Certification platform. The platform generates test decks. It creates the same unique sets of sample data for each HEDIS measure. If that’s too technical for you, check out this explanation.

We hoped the new platform would do that much faster and smarter than the original it was replacing. That, after all, was about 20 years old. But we needed to test the platform. We needed someone else outside our organization to test drive it—to prove improved performance.

Now, we have another task to complete in our testing to-do list. We have to express our gratitude.

Four volunteering organizations stepped forward and said, we’ll give it a shot. They were first to process test decks—HEDIS 2019 decks—through the new system. They helped us make sure the platform is ready before HEDIS 2020 testing begins.

They are:

Gratitude:  That’s not All

But wait, there’s more. They all did this—invested their time and efforts—after they’d already invested the time and effort to earn certification. And on top of that, this testing took place at a particularly busy time of year for each of them, during HEDIS 2019 data submission for health plan clients.

So, what did they get for their help? The pride of pitching in.

And, of course, this heartfelt “Thank You!”

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