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Maintenance of Certification Credits

Some clinicians in NCQA-recognized practices may be able to receive maintenance of certification (MOC) credits towards their board-level certifications. Eligible clinicians are: 

  • Board-certified from a board offering MOC credits (see chart below) 
  • Was working at a practice that achieved NCQA Recognition after May 2016 
  • Meaningfully participated in quality improvement activities during the recognition process 

To earn MOC credits, eligible clinicians must submit relevant board information to NCQA in the recognition system (Q-PASS for PCMH and ISS Survey tool for PCSP). This information includes first name, last name, board specialty, board name, board ID and date of birth. 

NCQA will submit a list of clinicians to boards offering credit. Physicians seeking MOC credit must take action in the “How to Receive Credit” column of the table below.

Medical Board Programs Eligible Type of Credit Points How to Receive Credit
American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) PCMH Performance Improvement 40 Complete ABFM attestation and submit it to the board with copy of Recognition certificate. For more information,contact Nichole Lainhart.
American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) PCMH, PCSP Practice Assessment 20 No action necessary. NCQA will send data to the board.Log into your board accountto verify NCQA has reported your information to the board.
American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) PCMH, PCSP Part IV; Meets board patient safety requirement
40 No action necessary. NCQA will send data to the board.Log into your board accountto verify NCQA has reported your information to the board.

Note: American Board of Family Medicine also offers 20 points of credit towards Performance Improvement if you are a clinician that earns recognition through the NCQA Diabetes Recognition Program (DRP) or Heart/Stroke Recognition Program (HSRP).  

Receiving Credit for Recognition Prior to 2016

If you received recognition prior to 2016, ABFM may offer you credit. For more information, contact your board directly. For recognitions after May 2015 but prior to 2016, you may be able to receive credit from the ABP by logging into your board account and submitting a copy of your recognition certificate. ABIM does not offer credit for activities prior to 2016. 


If you have questions about MOC credit, submit your inquiry through the My NCQA portal.

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Medical Boards Awarding Maintenance of Certification Credit for Recognition

For information on medical boards that may be offering maintenance of certification credit for recognition, please visit our Recognition Program Resources page.