HEDIS 2018 Final NDC Lists


  • The HEDIS NDC Lists are included a single Excel workbook and referred to as the Medication List Directory (MLD). The MLD is used for multiple products and includes medication lists referenced in the Volume 2 Technical Specifications for Health Plans and the Technical Specifications for Physician Measurement.
  • Medication changes that have been made to the medication lists are summarized in the MLD in the Summary of Changes spreadsheet in the directory.  Please review all items in this spreadsheet and incorporate them into your implementation processes.
  • Other NDC codes that are not included in the MLD may be mapped for use in HEDIS reporting if its generic name, strength/dose and route match those of an NDC code in the HEDIS MLD. Please refer to the general guidelines for Mapping Proprietary or Other Codes in the publications for additional information.

HEDIS 2018 Medication List Directory (MLD) of NDC Codes

HEDIS 2018 MLD of NDC Codes User Manual (.pdf)

HEDIS 2018 MLD of NDC Codes (.xls)
(updated February 8, 2018)