NCQA ONC Health IT Testing

NCQA’s electronic clinical quality measure (eCQM) testing method has been approved by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) for use in the ONC HIT Certification Program. Our eMeasure Certification program uses the same ONC-approved methodology, but the certification is used to reduce the audit on supplemental HEDIS data and is not part of the ONC program.

NCQA has also achieved NVLAP Accreditation and is now an approved ONC-Authorized Testing Lab (ONC-ATL).

NVLAP Lab Code 600170-0


NCQA tests and validates the integrity of an HIT organization’s software code that calculates eCQM results and produces Quality Reporting Document Architecture (QRDA) reports.

Organizations use eCQMs to track and monitor the quality of care delivered by providers that use electronic clinical data. Testing ensures that the measure code meets current standards, improves the accuracy of reporting measures and produces reliable and comparable results.

Testing Methodology

  • NCQA creates unique sets of sample data or "test decks," for each eCQM, developed from randomly generated synthetic patient-level test data. Test decks test initial population, denominator, exceptions, exclusion and numerator logic.
  • Test decks are processed through the developer’s software measure code. The software’s calculated measure results are then compared to NCQA’s expected results to determine if the code computes the measure correctly.
  • NCQA also validates the software’s ability to report the correct results in the standard QRDA Categories I and III document formats. Multiple test decks are available for each measure to allow developers to correct errors.
  • Developers can also test a subset of eCQMs. Test decks are not packaged together and are tested individually using Continuity of Care Documents (CCD)
  • A measure is fully tested when it passes all the test cases.


NCQA eCQM Testing FAQs

  • Click the link above for more information on NCQA eCQM testing.

eCQM Testing Guide

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Online Scoring Program (OSP)

  • NCQA’s web-based tool that compares submitted eCQM results in QRDA format with NCQA’s expected results, and generates a discrepancy report. Note: You must apply for testing in order to be given access the OSP.

eCQI Resource Center

  • One stop for resources that support electronic clinical quality improvement (eCQI).

ONC Health IT Certification Program

  • ONC’s HIT certification program.


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