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Information PageHealth Plan Accreditation (HPA)

Last modified 05.29.2020

Health Plan Accreditation (HPA) Health plans must support care that keeps members at optimum levels of health while also controlling costs and meeting government and…

Information PageTelehealth

Last modified 05.29.2020

COVID, Telehealth and Quality: What’s Now, What’s Next Our May 14, 2020, discussion of telehealth’s surge during the pandemic and telehealth’s prospects for the future…

Information PageCredentialing

Last modified 05.20.2020

Credentialing Accreditation NCQA Credentialing Accreditation helps improve credentialing and protects consumers by ensuring a consistent, effective and diligent credentialing process.

Information PageStates Using NCQA Programs

Last modified 08.06.2019

States Using NCQA Programs NCQA programs are used across the country to assist states in delivering quality care and holding providers accountable. Each state takes…

Information PageCase Management

Last modified 12.11.2018

Case Management Accreditation Case management is a vital part of the health care delivery system. It’s a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination,…

Information PageManaged Behavioral Healthcare Organizations (MBHO)

Last modified 12.04.2018

Managed Behavioral Healthcare Organization NCQA Managed Behavioral Healthcare Organization Accreditation demonstrates to health plans, employers, regulators and consumers an organization’s commitment to follow evidence-based practices…

Information PageLong-Term Services and Supports (LTSS)

Last modified 10.26.2018

Long-Term Services and Supports Programs NCQA offers several long-term services and supports (LTSS) specific programs. These programs help organizations improve their operations and initiatives in…

Information PagePopulation Health Program Accreditation

Last modified 05.20.2020

Population Health Program Accreditation Helping improve integration of population health principles into management of defined populations.

Information PageGet Started - Health Plan Accreditation

Last modified 05.27.2020

Health plans must support care that keeps members at their optimum level of health while also keeping costs down and meeting government and purchaser requirements.…

Information PageGet Started - Credentialing Accreditation

Last modified 05.27.2020

Credentialing is more than a “check-the-box” regulatory duty, it’s an essential safety component of the health care system. Health care organizations must establish the qualifications…

Information PageGet Started - Population Health Program Accreditation

Last modified 05.27.2020

If a patient’s journey through the health care system is fragmented and uncoordinated, the result can be increased costs and poorer outcomes. Population health activities…

Information PageGet Started - Utilization Management Accreditation

Last modified 05.20.2020

With the ever-increasing emphasis on reducing costs while improving patient outcomes, utilization management companies are taking on new importance. Using objective and evidence-based criteria they…