You Can’t Spell “Equity” Without “IT”
July 11, 2024 |18:41
Tamara (Tam) Ward,
Senior Vice President of Insurance Business Operations, Oscar Health
In the first episode of a two-part series titled, 'In Data We Trust,' host Andy Reynolds and Tam Ward, Senior Vice President of Business Strategy and Operations at Oscar Health, discuss the intersection of technology and health care to improve care equity, especially in underserved communities.
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An Unconventional Path to Health Equity
June 13, 2024 |27:17
Marshall Chin, MD, MPH
Richard Parrillo Family Distinguished Service Professor of Medicine, University of Chicago
There can be no quality without equity. But how do we get there? Our guest, University of Chicago Professor Marshall Chin, has unorthodox ideas about how to achieve health equity. His solutions might surprise you.
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