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11.15.2012 Survey Tool With PQ 2013 evaluating at the program level, are we required to purchase a tool for every certifiable entity, as in PHQ 2008?

No. An organization is required to purchase a separate survey tool for every program it brings forward. One program operated by an organization such as a corporate parent without variation from region to region may be surveyed using a single tool. An organization that brings forward more than one program must purchase and submit a separate tool for each discrete program it brings forward.

There is a pricing option for derivative programs a derivative program is defined as a program that shares common aspects (e.g. an organization uses the same measures and methodology for a single defined group of physicians but takes a different action (reporting vs. network tiering) as another program its organization brings forward for certification. NCQA can review common aspects once to streamline the survey process (thus the discounted price), although these are distinct programs. To receive a discount, the programs must be brought forward at the same time. Please see the pricing exhibit in the survey agreement. If you need additional information, please contact NCQA Customer Support at (888) 275-7585.

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