Digital Measures: Download for MY 2020 and MY 2021 Now Available

The future of quality measurement is digital. Digitalized versions of existing measures are an important part to make it easier for health plans and others to measure quality.

HEDIS® Measurement Year 2020 & Measurement Year 2021 Digital Measure Bundles are available for purchase in the NCQA store:

Download ECDS Only

Download ECDS + Traditional HEDIS®

Learn about the digital measure bundles here. For HEDIS MY 2020 and MY 2021, HEDIS Volume 2 (epub) is included with purchase of a digital measure bundle.

Why digital measures?

Digital measures offer:

    • Ease: Reduce burden—and risk—of manually reading, interpreting, and recording measure specifications.
    • Accuracy: Use machine-readable instructions, programed by NCQA, to set and simplify measure calculations.
    • Usability: Report measures for HEDIS MY 2020 & MY 2021 and other quality reporting programs – possible because the measures use HL7® International standards and Clinical Quality Language (CQL).
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