Quality Compass: Newly Updated, New Features

December 4, 2019 · Jazmyne Carter

What does a compass do?  If read correctly, it gives you some idea of the best direction forward.

We look at Quality Compass® that way. It gives you an idea of  where your team, your plan and your providers should be headed in terms of quality improvement and benchmarking plan performance.

The compass provides online access to health plan HEDIS® and CAHPS® performance data to help you gauge plan performance on specific measures. It provides you with the means to compare and contrast your performance with others. The data is the latest available. The interface is user friendly. It allows you to create your own custom reports, so you can identify challenges and address them.

Quality Compass 2019 helps evaluate plan performance, analyze competitor performance, compare performance to other plans within the state/region/nation and identify areas of improvement.

This invaluable tool just simply keeps gets better every year.

What’s New?

Well, as noted above, the data. Quality Compass 2019 has the most recent data available. It measures performance from Measurement Year 2018, based on the HEDIS 2019 specification.

And there are new measures eligible for Quality Compass this time around.  They fall into two distinct categories:

Effectiveness of Care

  • Follow-up After Emergency Department Visit for People With Multiple High-Risk Chronic Conditions (18-64 years of age, 65 years or older, Total rate) – Medicare
  • Transitions of Care (Notification of Inpatient Admission, Receipt of Discharge Information, Patient Engagement After Inpatient Discharge, Medication Reconciliation Post-Discharge) – Medicare
  • Use of Opioids at High Dosage – Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial
  • Use of Opioids from Multiple Providers (Multiple Pharmacies, Multiple Prescribers, Multiple Pharmacies and Prescribers) – Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial

Utilization and Risk Adjusted Utilization

  • Acute Hospital Utilization (Medicine, Total rates) – Commercial and Medicare
  • Hospitalization for Potentially Preventable Complication (ACSC Discharges/1000 Members, Acute O/E Ratio, Chronic O/E Ratio) – Medicare

A Note Before You Order

We wanted to alert you to all the options available before you sign up, so you can get right to work. You will want to consider all the choices. There are options for the product line, the number of users, how many years of data you get and whether or not you’ll use the data exporter option.

Let’s expand on each of those.

1. Choose the product line of data:

  • Commercial.
  • Medicaid.
  • Medicare.*

*Quality Compass Medicare contains the latest HEDIS data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, along with NCQA averages and percentiles. Medicare CAHPS data are NOT included in the license.

  1. Select data years:
  • Current year’s data: Most recent year of HEDIS data.
  • Trended data (up to three years’ worth).
  1. Decide whether to add the optional Data Exporter which includes:
  • Downloadable custom-built reports directly from the online tool into MS Excel.
  • Complete All-Measure Download (based on years purchased).
  • Confidence intervals exclusive to the Data Exporter and not included in standard editions of Quality Compass.
  1. Select the number of licensed users:
  • Single user.
  • 2–10 users.
  • 11–20 users.
  • 21–25 users.
  • 26–30 users.
  • 31+ users (contact NCQA for additional information).

Order Today

Order online or call NCQA Customer Support at 888-275-7585.

If you need ordering assistance? Or, perhaps family licenses or license packages for more than 30 users? Submit an inquiry through My NCQA.

Take a look at all the details and get further product information by reading the Quality Compass License Agreement. The Quality Compass terms of use ensures that you are purchasing the appropriate user access.

Still need more convincing?  Check out these Quality Compass Demo Videos to learn more about what this product has to offer.



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