Inside Health Care #67: Dr. Renee Towne & Dr. Niam Yaraghi on What to Do with the Data You Crunch

November 17, 2021 · David J. Smolar

Everybody knows how annoying it can be when a doctor sits you down and asks you a ton of irrelevant questions, sometimes with their nose in their laptop, before even examining you.  On this podcast, we talk a lot about the ‘Digitalization of health.’ But once someone gathers the data, crunches the numbers, then sends them to the right people, what’s next?

For answers, in this episode of Inside Health Care, we talk with data-crunching experts Dr. Renee Towne and Dr. Niam Yaraghi.


Dr. Renee Towne

Dr. Renee Towne is Director of Quality Programs for KPI Ninja, a company that helps health care institutions deliver better outcomes with a good dose of analytics.

Niam Yaraghi Brookings full

Dr. Niam Yaraghi is Assistant Professor of Business Technology at the University of Miami and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution’s Center for Technology Innovation. His research focuses on the economics of health information technologies.

After this interview, we continue our observance of National Diabetes Month with a clip from Podcast Episode 66, featuring NCQA’s Vice President for Performance Measurement Dr. Mary Barton talking about our new Kidney Health Toolkit.  Feel free to go back and check out our earlier episodes any time at

Finally, we feature a chat with NCQA President Peggy O’Kane, giving an intro to our new Data Aggregator Validation program. For more on that groundbreaking program, click here.

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