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Learning New Ways to Report Quality Measures Together

If you’ve read our blog this year, you know it’s NCQA’s 25th anniversary. In the spirit of the occasion, here’s another example of how we are looking forward: a new approach to HEDIS performance measurement that takes a step toward expanded measurement opportunities and away from costly data collection that requires medical record review.

1997: NCQA’s First State of Health Care Quality Report

25 for 25: A series of 25 blog posts marking NCQA’s 25th anniversary. As part of our anniversary celebrations, NCQA will post a series of 25 blog posts highlighting milestones in our 25 years of improving health care quality.

PCMH Recognition Redesign

An ambitious redesign of the most widely adopted patient-centered medical home program in the country is underway. You can help shape the new program.

NCQA Celebrates 25 Years of Improving Health Care Quality

NCQA celebrates our 25th Anniversary with our partners and friends who have inspired us in so many ways, and who have helped us improve health care across America.

Check out the Top 25 Moments in Health Care Quality Timeline

Find a Doctor/Patient-Centered Medical Home

Find an NCQA-Recognized medical home near you. The NCQA way of organizing medical homes is the most popular in the country.


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