Digital Quality Summit: Where Tech & Quality Converge

May 17, 2022 · Andy Reynolds

Registration is open for the most tech-forward conference on the quality calendar: the all-virtual Digital Quality Summit, on July 12–13.

This annual collaboration of HL7 and NCQA features four tracks—each a rich discussion of policies, practices and technology driving quality’s future.

Track 1: Health Informatics and Intersectionality

Race, social environment, sexual orientation, religion and gender identity interact to create health inequity.

How can technology overcome these problems?

Dynamic breakout sessions will explore how new IT and digital standards can fight inequities to help patients of all backgrounds.

Track 2: Innovation in the Digital
Quality Ecosystem

What does digital quality innovation mean for health care? Many people talk about “reaching digital health’s true potential.” What does that look like?

Learn how to build a measurement-based value framework that is digitally enhanced and positively disruptive.

Of special interest in this track: Defining interoperability standards in knowledge discovery; using existing frameworks to build a value-based digital health environment.

Track 3: Digitally-Enabled Care Innovation for Clinicians and Patients

What does digitally enabled care mean for patients and the clinicians who treat them?

Find out how members of the care team experience the move to digital and how digital transformation improves outcomes.

Track 4: RWE, dQMs and the
Virtuous Circle of the LHS

Find out how real-world evidence, digital quality measures and the learning health system reflect and reinforce each other.

You’ll learn how standardized, computable artifacts are the lifeblood of a learning health system—an improvement cycle where data creates knowledge and insight, resulting in better measures, better care and better health.

The more than 30 faculty leading the discussions in all four tracks are practitioners from leading organizations across government and the private sector.

Register for the Digital Quality Summit.

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