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NCQA Recognition Programs Multi-site Process

**DO NOT purchase any ISS Survey Tools until after your scheduled multi-site/multi-specialty eligibility conference call. During the call, inform your manager if you purchased one previously. **

Eligibility Request 

  • Organizations interested in the multi-site/multi-specialty process should submit an eligibility request through NCQA’s online application. Get an online application account for PCMH 2014 or PCSP 2013.  
  • The new multi-site design includes a new page. To generate a request, you may click the New Multi-site/New Multi-specialty Application or the Multi-Site Manager Tab. Answer the questions on the add Multi-Site Request and save. A notification will state a request was successfully submitted. The New multi-site design page will have two sections - “Multi-site Request History” and “Multi-site Groups”. Multi-site request history is a list of multi-site requests that are either pending or processed for the account. When a new multi-site request has been made, the list will be updated to show the new request. The Order Form column will be empty until the request is approved. After the request is approved, Order Form column will have a link to the “Survey Tool Order Form” and “Fee Calculator”. The Survey Tool Order form is used to purchase the survey tools by selecting the sites in the form. The Fee Calculator is a spreadsheet to help calculate the multi-site application fee.
  • An NCQA manager will schedule an eligibility call within 5 business days. You will receive an e-mail with a set of materials to review before the call. 
  • During the eligibility call, the manager will discuss the recognition process and determine your eligibility. If you are eligible, you will be approved to purchase Survey Tools. 

Buying Survey Tools

  • Each Survey Tool is $80.  
  • Multi-site approved organizations buy one Admin Multi-Site Tool and a separate Survey Tool for each practice site. For example: If your organization has five practice sites, you must purchase six Survey Tools. 
  • After the call, print a multi-site order form from your recognition account in the online application tool and submit the form to NCQA, with payment. Order forms are available only upon approval. 
  • When your order has been processed, you will receive login and password information for each ISS Survey Tool. 

Application Submission Process

  • Submit an application for the corporate site and for each practice site.  
  • Complete the required information for each site. Include all current clinicians at each site (for PCMH, include only primary care clinicians) Note: Do not include any clinicians for corporate sites. 
  • Link the online application Tool to each ISS tool with the ISS license numbers for each practice site and corporate site. 
  • The organization’s authorized representative signs a Business Associate Agreement and a program agreement in order to submit the application. Agreements may be signed electronically in the online application tool. 


  • Use the multi-site fee calculator to determine the program fee. Note: The program fee is nonrefundable and is subject to change. 
  • Remit the program fee using MyEzpay in the online application portal. You will not be able to submit application(s) or survey tool(s) until payment has been received.   

Admin Multi-Site Tools

  • Submit the Admin Multi-Site Tool with the approved multi-site elements before submitting the first practice site survey. NCQA reviews and scores the Admin Multi-Site Tool within 30 days of submission. 
  • Complete site-specific Survey Tools for each site with responses to the remaining elements.  
  • NCQA merges the Admin Multi-Site Tool’s scored elements with the practice site Survey Tools; practices see their scores before submission.

Review Process

  • NCQA reviews, finalizes scoring and makes a recognition decision for each practice site within 60 days of submission of each site’s Survey Tool (after Admin Multi-Site Tool scoring is merged).
  • You must submit and achieve recognition for the first eligible practice site survey within 12 months of receipt of your corporate survey results. After at least one site is recognized, you may submit eligible practice site surveys using the corporate survey results, within the three-year recognition period of the first recognized site or by 9/30/17 for PCMH 2014, the last date to submit PCMH 2014 tools. (Please note, PCMH 2014 applicants that receive corporate results after 9/30/16 will not have 12 months to submit and achieve recognition for the first eligible practice site).
  • All multi-site practice recognitions share the first recognized site’s three-year end date. For example, if the first site has a recognition period of 12/18/15–12/18/18, all sites submitted within the three-year period or by 9/30/17, the last date to submit PCMH 2014 tools, will have the same end date (12/18/18). Each site’s start date is based on the date when the site survey decision is completed (this may not be a full three-year period).
  • Prior to submitting site surveys, consider the length of recognition that will be achieved if submitting near the end of the three-year recognition period. Site submissions close to the end of the recognition period will yield a much shortened recognition period for those sites. Practice site surveys will not be accepted in the last three months of the three-year recognition period or for PCMH 2014 after 9/30/17 (whichever date is first).