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PCMH 2014 Corporate Survey Tool Eligible Elements

Below is a list of the 18 Elements that can be answered in a PCMH 2014 Corporate Survey Tool. All other elements require a response and documentation in the site-specific survey tools with site specific information.

Criteria for choosing Corporate Survey Tool Elements:

  • At least 12 of the 18 Elements below must be responded to in the Corporate Survey Tool.
  • If an Element listed is not met by an electronic system or is not a shared policy, procedure or process you must respond in the site-specific survey tools with site specific information.
  • If you choose to respond to a Corporate Element in the site-specific survey tools do not answer it in your Corporate Survey Tool.

After determining which Elements to select for your Corporate Survey Tool, you will need to select them in the “Organization Background” section of your Corporate Survey Tool and in doing so the organization attests to the following:


  • “By selecting these elements our organization attests that all of the practice sites applying for Recognition share the same policy, procedure, process or system.”

**If an element is selected for the Multi-site Corporate Survey Tool, you must include data from the largest site or aggregated data from all sites with the exception of 6A, 6B, and 6C that require a report with data specified for each individual site.
PCMH 1B: 24/7 Access to Clinical Advice
PCMH 1C: Electronic Access
PCMH 2B: Medical Home Responsibilities
PCMH 2C: Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services
PCMH 3A: Patient Information
PCMH 3B: Clinical Data
PCMH 3D: Use Data for Population Management (MUST PASS)
PCMH 3E: Implement Evidence-Based Decision Support
PCMH 4D: Use Electronic Prescribing
PCMH 4E: Support Self-Care and Shared Decision Making
PCMH 5A: Test Tracking and Follow-Up
PCMH 5B: Referral Tracking and Follow-Up (MUST PASS)
PCMH 5C: Coordinate Care Transitions
PCMH 6A: Measure Clinical Quality Performance
PCMH 6B: Measure Resource Use and Care Coordination
PCMH 6C: Measure Patient/Family Experience
PCMH 6F: Report Performance
PCMH 6G: Use Certified EHR Technology