IRT Training: Live Webinars and On-Demand Video Tutorials

NCQA offers trainings to help you through the Accreditation and Certification survey process.

NCQA on-demand video training tutorials help you understand how to use the Interactive Review Tool (IRT)—NCQA’s updated web-based platform for conducting a self-assessed readiness evaluation and managing the Accreditation/Certification Survey process.

NCQA encourages you to watch the video training tutorials first, then join a Webinar session to ask questions. Webinars include Q&A from the tutorials and collect feedback on IRT experience. There are two sessions:

  1. Presubmission Q&A and Feedback: The readiness evaluation and survey preparation.
  2. Postsubmission Q&A and Feedback: The survey process, from submission to final report.

Products Used in the IRT platform

NCQA uses IRT for the following surveys:

  • Accreditation
    • Accreditation of Case Management for LTSS
    • Case Management Accreditation
    • Disease Management Accreditation
    • Health Plan Accreditation
    • Managed Behavioral Healthcare Organization Accreditation
    • Population Health Program Accreditation
    • Wellness & Health Promotion Accreditation
  • Certification
    • Credentialing Verification Organization Certification
    • Disease Management Accreditation Certification
    • Health Information Products Certification
    • Utilization Management and Credentialing Certification
    • Wellness & Health Promotion Certification
  • Distinction
    • Multicultural Health Care Distinction

On-Demand Video Tutorials and Tip Sheets

On-demand video tutorials walk through how to use IRT for specific tasks. NCQA encourages you to watch them before you use the IRT and before you attend Webinar Q&A sessions.

  • IRT Key Functionality: Dashboard, Details Tab, Document Library, Timeline, Validation, Score Summary, Reports
  • Navigating in IRT: Actions Button, Navigation Tree, Element-Level Tabs
  • Managing Users in IRT: Adding Users and Assigning Roles
  • How to Complete Specific Tasks in IRT: Readiness Evaluation, Submit in IRT, Review and Respond to Issues, Host Survey Call, Respond to Issues, Comment at Preliminary Report, Review Final Report
  • IRT Linked Licenses: Tips for SSME, Multiple Product, National Surveys
  • IRT Resources and Training Support Page: Tip Sheets, System Help and More

View On-Demand Videos

Click here for IRT tip sheets including step-by-step instructions for how to use the IRT throughout the survey process.

Q&A and Feedback Webinars

Before Submitting Your Survey

Learn more about using IRT to prepare your survey: how to set up the survey tool, use the Document Library, complete the self-assessment, finalize the survey tool, complete the readiness evaluation, submit the survey tool. Please register 24 hours in advance and dial into the call 10 minutes before the start time.

Presubmission Q&A
and Feedback Sessions
9/12/192:00 – 3:30Register here
11/14/192:00 – 3:30Register here

After Submitting Your Survey

Learn more about using IRT after submitting your survey tool to NCQA: reviewing issues, preparing the call agenda, responding to issues, commenting on the preliminary report, viewing/printing the final report. Please register 24 hours in advance and dial into the call 10 minutes before the start time.

Postsubmission Q&A
and Feedback Sessions
10/10/192:00 – 3:30Register here
12/5/192:00 – 3:30Register here
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