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12.15.2020 Corrective Action Process What is the corrective action process for organizations that do not meet a must-pass element?

A Corrective Action Plan (CAP) is required when an organization does not meet the minimum threshold for one or more must-pass elements. The CAP must be submitted to NCQA within 30 days after receipt of the final Accreditation status and must meet NCQA approval. The organization undergoes a CAP Survey that focuses on the failed must-pass elements (not at the factor level), i.e., all element factors, will be reviewed in addition to the factor(s) that failed the must-pass requirement.
NCQA schedules the CAP Survey for submission 6 months following the organization’s last full survey; the file review is 4 weeks later. The organization’s Accreditation status is noted “Under Corrective Action” status modifier noted on the report card during the corrective action period.
The fees for the CAP Survey can be found in the Pricing Exhibit on My NCQA. The look-back period is from the date of implementation of the corrective action up to the CAP Survey submission date and may be between 3 and 6 months before the CAP Survey submission.
After successful completion of the CAP Survey, the status modifier is removed from the organization’s status on the report card. The expiration date of the Accreditation status remains the same as the date specified in the decision that precipitated the CAP Survey. If a CAP Survey is unsuccessful, the Review Oversight Committee (ROC) may:

  • Extend the CAP status modifier, or
  • Reduce the organization’s status from Accredited to Provisional or from Provisional to Denied, or
  • Issue a Denied Accreditation status.

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