eCQM Testing Process for ONC HIT Testing

  1. Contact NCQA

    Interested in eCQM testing? Reach out to us through My NCQA and a representative will be in touch.

  2. Receive Program Guide and Application

    NCQA will send you the program guide that includes test requirements and provide you access to the application.

  3. Complete Application

    Review the program guide and complete the application.

  4. Review Call with NCQA

    Once your application is reviewed, NCQA will schedule a kick off call to review the program. This is an opportunity to have questions answered by the eCQM team.

  5. Pay Application Fee and Sign License Agreement

    To gain access to the testing site, you have to pay your application fee and sign the license agreement.

  6. Review Call with NCQA

    Prior to uploading your test decks you will have one more review call with NCQA to ensure you are well prepared and to answer any lingering questions.

  7. Upload Test Results

    Upload your test results to the testing site.

  8. Receive Report

    Once your results have been tested, NCQA will send you a report. Prior to submitting your results, you tell NCQA which Authorized Certification Body(ACB) you want results sent to. NCQA will also send your report to your contracted ACB.

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