Equity, One Year After George Floyd’s Death

This statement is adapted from a message from NCQA Founder and President Peggy O’Kane sent to all NCQA staff.

May 25, 2021

Today is the anniversary of George Floyd’s death.  I know we are all feeling sad, discouraged and worried about the continuing racism and injustice that plague our country.

Please know that we stand with you and are committed to the advancement of justice and reconciliation. This will not happen overnight, but we need to continue to work for these outcomes with determination, persistence and hope.

On a positive note, I am proud of the work the NCQA health equity team and others at NCQA are doing.

Our Research Department has developed a strategy to better illuminate gaps in the quality of care. Stratifying measures by race and ethnicity was the focus of our February 24 Future of HEDIS webinar and of HEDIS Public Comment in March. We will update the HEDIS world about stratifying measures at our next Future of HEDIS webinar in June. (Add yourself to the mailing list to get the official announcement next week.)

Our Multicultural Health Care (MHC) program is helping states close gaps in care. More and more states are adopting MHC. We will build on that success by updating our Multicultural Health Care program and Health Plan Accreditation to more effectively close care gaps.

Quality care is equitable care. That means working for health equity is vital to NCQA’s mission to improve health care.
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