Antibiotic Utilization (ABX)

This measure summarizes data on outpatient utilization of antibiotic prescriptions during the measurement year, stratified by age and gender and reported for each product:

  • Total number of antibiotic prescriptions.
  • Average number of antibiotic prescriptions per member per year (PMPY).
  • Total days supplied for all antibiotic prescriptions.
  • Average days supplied per antibiotic prescription.
  • Total number of prescriptions for antibiotics of concern.
  • Average number of prescriptions PMPY for antibiotics of concern.
  • Percentage of antibiotics of concern for all antibiotic prescriptions.
  • Average number of antibiotics PMPY reported by drug class:
    • For selected “antibiotics of concern.”
    • For all other antibiotics.

Why It Matters

The use of antibiotics is standard treatment for bacterial infections, but 30%–50% of antibiotic prescriptions in hospital settings are unnecessary or inappropriate. This increases the risk of antibiotic-resistant infections. Reducing improper use of antibiotics can decrease antibiotic resistance and improve patient outcomes.


Data not available to display at this time.


CDC (2017). Overview and Evidence to Support Appropriate Antibiotics Use. Retrieved from

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