Weekly Roundup: Health care news and notes

August 14, 2015 · NCQA


Every Friday NCQA gives a rundown of some of the health care news stories from the past week. Here are some of our picks for this week:

  • Affordable Care Act coverage is linked to higher rates in self-reported coverage, access, affordability and health. [JAMA]
  • A lack of cooperation among health facilities mars the antibiotic resistance fight, says the CDC. [Kaiser Health News]
  • Healthcare spending is double the rate of economic growth. [Modern Healthcare]
  • Forty five states fail on state price transparency laws. [Health Leaders Media]
  • Children in Medicaid grow up to have better health, education and economic outcomes. [Georgetown University Health Policy Institute]
  • Mortality, hospitalizations, and costs all declined for the Medicare population aged 65 and over from 1999-2013. [JAMA]
  • Physician access improves after Medicaid expansion in Michigan. [Health Leaders Media]
  • National health spending rose 5.5% in 2014 vs 3.6% in 2013 – the largest annual increase since 2007. [Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services]
  • Primary care doctors should screen for depression. [Reuters]
  • 29 Kaiser Permanente clinics receive level 3 NCQA PCMH recognition. [Health IT Analytics]
  • To boost patient health, rehab sometimes starts before cancer treatment does. [Kaiser Health News]
  • The FDA’s approval of the first 3D-printed pill opens up endless possibilities for personalized medicine. [The Washington Post]
  • How the smartest computer on earth could shake up health care for 70 million pharmacy customers. [The Washington Post]
  • Advocates say mental health ‘parity’ law is not fulfilling its promise. [Kaiser Health News]
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