We Help Your Mom Pick a Health Plan

September 20, 2022 · Andy Reynolds

Health Plan Ratings are NCQA’s most consumer-friendly summary of where to find good care. We published the 2022-2023 ratings last week to help people choose health plans during fall open enrollment.

Highlights include:

  • A Half-Dozen Top-Performers: Six plans earned our highest overall rating of 5 stars.

Journalists from outlets such as HealthLeaders and ModernHealthcare wrote about the ratings.

Methodology and Help for Health Plans

We make Health Plan Ratings for people who buy and use health care.

We also make guides to help health plans understand and use the ratings.

Resources that plans consult most are the:

  • Methodology: The complete “recipe” we use to translate what we know into summaries that even our mothers can understand.
  • Measure Lists: The HEDIS measures, CAHPS results and findings from our Health Plan Accreditation surveys that we use in the methodology.
  • Advertising Guidelines: Plans like to promote their ratings results. This guide helps everyone do it fairly and accurately.

As an annual project, our Health Plan Ratings follow a regular rhythm that will start again in the spring for the 2023 ratings.

For questions about the ratings from any year, contact NCQA’s Health Plan Ratings Help Desk at my.ncqa.org.

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