The Digital Train: Moving Forward

November 5, 2019 · Jazmyne Carter

Let’s mark 2019 as the year of digital quality movement. From webinars to seminars and events, going digital tops the topic list.

You know why? —because going digital just makes sense.

It reduces reporting burden, improves accuracy of results, and measures more of what matters.

So how do we get this digital train rolling? More importantly, how do we get everyone on the same digital train?

Getting on the Same Track 

Currently, some states work on their own to digitally report clinical quality measures. We can’t find any example of coordination between them. As you may know, no coordination leads to duplicated efforts and misaligned processes. That means increased burden and more confusion.

That’s why NCQA and HL7 have made measurement—coordinated digital measurement—a priority. Together, they gathered stakeholders to discuss the issue. Now, they’ve released a white paper to detail the issue and how we might approach it.

So, the first gathering happened at the  3rd Annual Digital Quality Summit where Electronic Quality Reporting for States attendee track focused on digital measurement. People representing states, health plans, providers, technology firms and consultants discussed their own progress, common challenges, and next steps to create a more coordinated effort across states.

Participants identified the top challenges as:

  • Alignment of measures & reporting parameters across programs and settings.
  • Expectations vs. reality of EHRs.
  • Provider vs. plan level measures.
  • Varying levels of readiness among different payers, programs and providers.
  • Measure data accuracy.

Attendees also agreed upon goals for coordination and measurement alignment.  Important next steps included:

  • Narrow the scope of electronic reporting efforts by focusing on those measures most important to Medicaid.
  • Improve communication among entities working to advance electronic reporting to reduce duplication.
  • Include all stakeholders from the start of efforts to move to electronic reporting.
  • Build the business case by showcasing initiatives from more advanced states.
  • Share best practices.
  • Strengthen trust among all stakeholders in using and sharing data from electronic sources.

All Aboard, Moving Forward

Download the Electronic Quality Reporting for States, A Roadmap for Moving Forward white paper for a summary of the Summit track discussion and a deeper dive into the next steps.

All aboard! The digital train is leaving the station. Don’t miss out.


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