Quality Talks: Audience Feedback

March 15, 2016 · NCQA

If you know anything about NCQA, you know we’re all about data and measurement. So, we collected feedback from our audience for the inaugural Quality Talks to guide our efforts moving ahead. A quick summary? They loved it. Here are just some of the unedited comments from our surveys:

  1. [Quality Talks is] Educational, entertaining, informative, inspiring.
  2. Excellent way to disseminate current health care trends.
  3. I really enjoyed the quality and diversity of the speakers, and how while they all spoke on different topics, they wove together a few key common themes.
  4. Interacting with the speakers at the hub was great.
  5. Very powerful speakers, excellent format with several speakers talking for a short amount of time, with time allowed for breakout sessions.
  6. Speakers were great, very innovative, spoke to what I do every day. Love your format.
  7. I felt that all of the speakers were very compelling and spoke to an aspect of healthcare I hadn’t heard before, or at least took a fresh approach.
  8. I enjoyed all of the speakers. I loved the format. Even speakers in the line-up that I had heard before, gave different talks. Great job!
  9. The diversity of the topics presented, the presentation of theoretical and practical-there was something for everyone.
  10. I was impressed with the venue, the speakers, but most importantly the content.
  11. The talks were short yet inspiring, well worth the trip to D.C.!
  12. Excellent speakers – visionaries, very worthwhile the investment of time.
  13. The event format and the speakers were highly engaging, it made me pause and reflect on how I can play a role in the future of healthcare innovation and what are the market forces and emerging trends at play.
  14. Already recommended to colleagues and will look forward to 2016.

Quality Talks 2016

Our Quality Talks team responds to data. We’ve taken our audience feedback to build an even more extraordinary event, at a new venue, for 2016. Please join us in our mission to inspire the future of health care quality.

After you sign up, check out these clips—and reaction–from last year’s event:

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Quality Talks: What Seven Observations Mean for 2016

Quality Talks 2015 Recap

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