Q-Pass 2.0: New, Improved and Available Now

October 2, 2019 · NCQA

Q-PASS is new and improved!

Computer monitor showing NCQA's Q-PASS

Q-PASS: New, improved, easier to use.

NCQA deployed Q-PASS V2.0 on Saturday, October 19. Version 2.0 includes updates and notable enhancements to existing features. It’s all intended to improve the customer experience in four primary ways: reduced time investment, increased workflow efficiency, enhanced infrastructure and a simplified, easier to use, interface.

Better. Easier to Use.

For the upgrade, we:

  • Eliminated the Program Dashboard; moved numerous functions to the Organization Dashboard.
  • Improved home screen that no longer includes the My Evaluations tab.
  • Updated and reorganized Organization Dashboard tiles.
  • Updated the Preliminary Results tile functionality to display evaluator comments (if any) made during check-in. Users can view this information by clicking the Show Comments button while the results view is expanded.
  • Enhanced the Enrollment Wizard to let customers enroll sites in more than one program at a time.
  • Revised the process for how sites share evidence. NCQA suggests that organizations work on this part of the process first (if applicable) before adding site-specific evidence.

Q-PASS Resources

Watch our educational videos on navigating QPASS V2.0 in the NCQA Video Library

And register for the free webinar, “What’s New With the Q?”.

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