Inside Health Care Episode #009: Not Just a Pediatrician

July 27, 2018 · Amy Maciejowski

In this week’s edition of our podcast, Inside Healthcare, NCQA traveled to Midlothian, Virginia, to speak to patients at Pediatric and Adolescent Health Partners, an NCQA-Recognized Patient-Centered Medical Home.

We sat down with Angela Ogden, a teacher and single mother of three.

Angela Ogden sitting on a couch in her home.

Angela Ogden

Angela has one biological child and two adopted children. Her two adopted children, Christine and Ariel, both 16, have special needs.

“With their level of need, I knew we needed someone who’d understand and be able to help with kids with special needs,” said Angela.

This led Angela to Pediatric and Adolescent Health Partners. She knew they were more than just an ordinary primary care pediatric center.

“[My kids’ pediatrician] has been wonderful in terms of support, above and beyond what a normal pediatrician typically offers,” said Angela.

Angela discussed a lot with her pediatrician, raising issues (sometimes nonmedical) she’s had as a parent of a special needs children. Her pediatrician referred Angela to practice staff who connected her to additional services.

“It makes a tremendous difference,” said Angela.

Listen to Angela’s story and learn how Pediatric and Adolescent Health Partners is not only a doctor’s office, it’s also an advocate for her children.

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