New Kidney Health Resources Available Now

September 7, 2021 · Matt Brock

Do you know anyone who has chronic kidney disease (CKD)?

Odds are you do. About 37 million adults in the US have CKD. Even worse, nine out of 10 people with CKD are unaware they are living with the disease. CKD may not cause any symptoms until later stages of disease.

CKD is a complex condition that often occurs with other chronic conditions such as diabetes or hypertension which makes it challenging for clinicians to tackle. Early identification, regular monitoring, and ongoing management of CKD are critical to slow disease progression and avoid kidney failure. Not to mention a host of other possible complications.

The Kidney Health Toolkit

With financial support from Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceutical, Inc., NCQA developed the Kidney Health Toolkit for use in improving the quality of care for patients with CKD. The toolkit is designed to equip patients, health care teams, health plans, and health systems with tools to promote kidney health, especially among people at risk of CKD such as those with diabetes. Each resource also includes links to helpful external resources and tools. The table below summarizes each of the resources included in the toolkit.

Let’s Talk About Diabetes and Kidney Health: Ready-Set-Test



CKD often goes hand in hand with diabetes. This provider resource outlines clinical practice guidelines for CKD screening in patients with diabetes, describes the tests used to diagnose and monitor CKD, explains how to interpret these test results to manage patients with CKD, and summarizes a new HEDIS measure for kidney health evaluation for patients with diabetes.
Are Your Kidneys at Risk?



Despite its prevalence, many patients are unaware of the risks and causes of CKD. This infographic educates patients about CKD and the function of the kidneys, lists the leading causes of and risk factors for CKD, describes the tests that assess kidney health, and discusses next steps based on test results.

You’ve Been Diagnosed with CKD. Now What?




A diagnosis of CKD can be overwhelming. This pamphlet helps patients know what to expect after their diagnosis, offers information about how they can work with their doctor to monitor and manage their condition, and provides steps patients can take to slow the progress of CKD to avoid kidney failure and other health complications.


Chronic Kidney Disease: Talk, Listen, Learn


Providers, Patients

CKD is complex and can be hard for patients and providers to talk about. This poster includes helpful tips for patients and best practices for providers to start the conversation.






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