NCQA’s Health Equity Resource Center is Open

March 8, 2022 · Matt Brock

You can’t miss this resource. It’s like nothing we’ve done before at NCQA. It’s a resource—a field companion—for addressing health equity in your corner of the healthcare world.

NCQA just announced the launch of its Health Equity Resource Center, a public website that can help health care organizations learn about and improve health equity.

Health Equity Resource Center Continues Mission 

“The Health Equity Resource Center is another step in the journey NCQA started a decade ago to help organizations measure and deliver equitable, high-quality care,” says NCQA President Margaret E. O’Kane. “These tools enable organizations to assess and improve the care they provide, so that quality care can become the norm for everyone in America.”

Because improving health equity requires engagement and partnerships across the health care industry, the site contains individual sections with detailed information for health plans, health systems, government and employers, all designed to help organizations make improvements that advance health equity.

The Health Equity Resource Center provides NCQA research and white papers that offer insight into the implications of health inequities and best practices for overcoming disparities in care. These feature accumulated research spearheaded by NCQA and amassed through partnerships over the course of NCQA’s history of advancing equitable health care.

Resource Center Always Up-To-Date

The Health Equity Resource Center will be an integrated knowledge source and will be continually updated and expanded with the latest research and insights into health equity.

Visitors to our blog know NCQA provides other tools for the equity journey. They include Health Equity Accreditation programs that provide a comprehensive framework for organizations to identify and elevate health equity goals, deliver culturally and linguistically appropriate services and reduce disparities.

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