Inside Health Care #96: Lisa Morris, Karmen Stephen and the Pharmacist’s POV

January 4, 2023 · David J. Smolar

In this episode of “Inside Health Care,” we discuss both gender health equity and today’s pharmacists, and their roles and positions in the health care ecosystem. Both guests in this episode’s interview, recorded live at NCQA’s inaugural Health Innovation Summit in November 2022, are board-certified geriatric pharmacists for Consana, a pharmaceutically centered health care company working to change medication therapy management.

Lisa Morris is Consana’s Executive Director of Clinical Services. Her goal is elevating pharmacists as key members of the interdisciplinary care team by focusing on medication optimization while creating a health care environment that fosters innovation and excellence.

Karmen Stephens

Karmen Stephens, Vice President of Clinical Services, is responsible for Consana’s strategic direction and clinical development. Her clinical focus has been high-risk populations, with a particular interest in de-prescribing through comprehensive medication management in older adults and in patients with intellectual or developmental disabilities.


At our Health Innovation Summit in November 2022, Lisa and Karmen co-presented a seminar titled “Bridging Gaps and Improving the Care Experience for Transgender Individuals with Comprehensive Medication Management.” In this interview, they discuss the importance of open access to care for people suffering from gender dysphoria or going through gender transition.

Later, we observe Cervical Health Awareness Month in January and share statistics on Cervical Cancer screenings in the U.S. We also discuss NCQA’s HEDIS Cervical Cancer Screening measure.

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