Inside Health Care #50: Dr. Adrienne Mims of Jencare Senior Medical Center discusses her devotion to patient care with NCQA’s Peggy O’Kane

October 20, 2020 · Lawrence Green

Dr. Adrienne Mims Courtesy of JenCare Senior Medical Center

In this episode of Inside Health Care, Peggy O’Kane, NCQA President, and Dr. Adrienne Mims, former Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for Alliant Health Solutions, current health care provider at Jencare Senior Medical Center discuss Dr. Mims’ multifaceted professional background, EHR use, solutions to health disparities and motivating chronically ill patients.

Dr. Mims also addresses how COVID has changed primary care for older patients, the emergence of telehealth and discussing end-of-life issues with patients.

Don’t forget to check out NCQA’s upcoming Quality Innovation Series, which features talks and seminars from health care experts, live and on-demand. And rate Inside Health Care on your podcast streaming platform!

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