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Inside Health Care #0031: Catherine Macpherson, Mom’s Meals

January 28, 2020 · Lawrence Green

In this episode of “Inside Health Care,” Catherine Macpherson, Vice President of Product Strategy and Development and Chief Nutrition Officer of Mom’s Meals, joins Matt Brock, NCQA Director of Communications, to discuss how Mom’s Meals is addressing social determinants of health. What began as acts of kindness for family members transitioned to a company that provides home-delivered meals for health plans, AAAs and state governments, case managers and caregivers.

Catherine tells us the role of nutrition in health, how having access to nourishing food improves our well-being and how social determinants of health affect health outcomes. We also discuss health plans’ increasing investment in preventive health and how federal and state policy affect the mission of Mom’s Meals.

Click the link below to learn more about Mom’s Meals story.

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