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August 22, 2022 · Andy Reynolds

How do you stay current on something as big and dynamic as the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS)?

It’s hard to keep up, considering HEDIS’s expanding:

  • Breadth: compose the measure set. Those measures span 17 domains and subdomains of health care.
  • Reach: More than 200 million people are enrolled in health plans that use HEDIS. That means HEDIS monitors the quality of care for more than 60 percent of the US population.
  • Influence: Auditing and validation of HEDIS results give payers and providers the confidence to trust HEDIS as the basis of most value-based contracting.

A structured, reliable way to stay up to date is to join the HEDIS Users Group (HUG).

Savvy HEDIS users join HUG to build:

  1. Know-How: Grow your performance-measurement expertise.
  2. Insight: Be among the first hear from NCQA how, why and when HEDIS is evolving. And learn from other HUG members how they use HEDIS.
  3. Access: Engage NCQA measure stewards and other leaders in small group settings, so you can get your questions answered by the experts.
  4. Influence: drives HEDIS’s development. HUG members take that one step further by reviewing proposed projects and field testing new measures.

Specific benefits of HUG membership include:

  • Exclusive E-Pubs: Get an electronic version of HEDIS Volume 2: Technical Specifications. Only the HUG version includes changes and clarifications from the annual Technical Update.
  • Exclusive Webinars: Enjoy four online conferences per year, plus a bonus conference about implementing HEDIS.
  • Newsletter: Stay current as a subscriber to the HUG Update, a monthly bulletin with timely advice and policy updates about HEDIS and Health Plan Accreditation.
  • Publication Bundles: Complete your knowledge with these supplemental HEDIS publications:
  • Discounts: Save money on other NCQA purchases, including:
    • A 10% discount on 1 or more copies of HEDIS e-pubs.
    • A 50% discount on 1 registration for select NCQA Education events.
    • A $200 voucher toward NCQA publications or products.

Pick the HUG package that will help your organization keep up with HEDIS.





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