Health Plan Accreditation 2020: A Response to Recommendations

July 30, 2019 · Jazmyne Carter


You should know.

You gave us feedback. We listened.

Health Plan Accreditation (HPA) 2020 Standards and Guidelines are available. With your guidance and advice, we updated our scoring methods and how we award Accreditation.

HPA 2020 Focus Areas: Meeting, Presentation

  • Align Health Plan Accreditation and Health Plan Ratings.
  • Simplify scoring and improve transparency.
  • Strengthen consumer protections.
  • Reduce the paperwork burden on health plans.
  • Improve the customer experience.

We’ll discuss each of these key features in future blogs.

But we wanted to just pass along the key reasons for the changes as you review the standards and guidelines.

The changes reduce the burden on health plans. Meanwhile, they preserve strong consumer protections—patient protections.

The changes also make the process much more transparent so that the people who pay for health insurance can better identify high quality plans.  That includes governments, employers, consumers and anyone else interested in comparing quality.

Learn More

Of course, there are a lot more details to cover. And we’ve prepared resources.

In addition to reviewing the standards on the NCQA website , you’ll want to attend our introduction webinar. We’ve scheduled our Assistant Vice President for Product Strategy and Development, Raena Akin-Deko to deliver the details. She’ll cover the new 2020 standards, scoring updates, new and retired elements, and much more.

Join her on August 21st at 2:30 PM EDT.

Register today. Registrations are filling up fast.

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