Health Equity: NCQA Speaks to Employers

April 5, 2021 · NCQA

Over the last several months, we’ve had many conversations with employers who are struggling with how to address health equity for their employees. As purchasers—not providers—of health care, the strategies available to them to drive change are not always evident.

Fortunately, employers can leverage their role as purchasers to impact care—for their employees and the nation. On March 18, we were pleased to speak to the National Alliance on Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions and its employer members about this very topic. We presented with Dr. David Kelley, from Pennsylvania’s Medicaid program, who showed how Pennsylvania has leveraged its contracting vehicles to decrease health disparities across the state.

Watch the webinar and download our latest brief, which shares strategies for employers.

Employers can drive change. Like Pennsylvania has, they can ensure that each vendor that engages with their employees—whether it’s their health plan, employee assistance program or wellness vendor—is taking action to eliminate health disparities and improve health equity.



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