Digital Medicine & AI in the Spotlight at Quality Talks

March 7, 2023 · Andy Reynolds

Three leaders in digital medicine and artificial intelligence are among the inspiring speakers set to headline Quality Talks on May 3. Their timely presentations come as the quality world embraces a digital future, ensuring that Quality Talks meets the moment.

Now in its eighth year, Quality Talks has earned a reputation as anything but ordinary. Deliberately different, the event features rising stars who have something new and important to say about building better health care.

What’s Different about Digital

Jennifer Goldsack

One speaker sure to deliver on that promise is Jennifer Goldsack, CEO of the nonprofit Digital Medicine Society (DiMe).

A self-described “tech enthusiast, not a tech determinist,” Jen makes a bullish—yet balanced—case for digitally enabled care.

She cites an underrated reason for optimism: Digital capabilities have matured. For example, some EHRs now have 10 years of longitudinal data. Broadband access has expanded. Sensor capabilities have improved.

In other words, it’s easier to get better information to inform care, at scale and equitably.

Against the digital backdrop, Goldsack tackles ethical issues such as the need to balance privacy risks with the benefits of data-driven medicine. And she has specific suggestions for how to ensure the digital revolution reverses—rather than reinforces—racial and ethnic inequities.

Jen’s the one to see for a clear-eyed view of how a digital-first strategy can protect privacy and help correct long-standing bias.

Tragedy Led to Inspired Leadership

Liz Kwo

Dr. Liz Kwo, Chief Medical Officer of Everly Health, speaks from the heart of a physician—and a mother. She reflects on her devastating loss of a pregnancy at nine months, and the immense professional insight she gained from the experience.

She knows how AI can support pregnant patients, noting that it can triage and provide information about a pregnancy, such as fetal movement, and can fast-track concerns to get patients help if there is trouble.

Artificial intelligence can also enhance a physician’s ability to track what’s happening with a patient for many conditions in addition to pregnancy. And using natural language processing, AI can boost a health plan’s administrative capabilities, such as by accelerating approval of prior authorizations.

Liz is a leader who knows what’s at stake, and what’s possible, with AI.

Bringing AI Bedside

Suchi Saria

Suchi Saria, PhD, is CEO and Founder of Bayesian Health; John C. Malone Associate Professor of Computer Science, Statistics, and Health Policy; and Director of the Machine Learning and Healthcare Lab at Johns Hopkins University.

She uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help physicians identify patients who are at heightened risk of a worsening condition, like sepsis. She and her team have won big awards and have been featured in recent news stories about making AI a practical, clinical tool.

But when a family tragedy showed Saria that her research wasn’t reaching the point of care, she set out to solve that problem, too.

Suchi comes to Quality Talks ready to share her insights on the barriers that keep transformative technology from reaching the bedside—and how to overcome them.

Quality Talks: Plan to Attend

NCQA will present Quality Talks to an in-person audience at the Capital Hilton in Washington, DC, on May 3 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • Speaker Salons offer in-depth, intimate conversations with sponsors and all-star speakers.
  • Face-to-face networking with speakers and attendees lets audience members have conversations with colleagues who share their interest in vital quality topics.
  • Livestreaming and access to post-event recordings help attendees hear a speaker again—and again.
  • Lunch and a post-event reception round out the energizing, inspiring day.

Quality Talks is also available as a virtual experience. Make plans now to attend.

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