The Congress Experience for CCEs – Inspiring

December 31, 1999 · Amanda Ciadella

Congress ExperienceNCQA’s annual PCMH Congress was held in sunny San Diego—there wasn’t a cloud in the sky for four days. The weather reflected what was happening inside the convention center: the industry’s best minds coming together to share ideas, teach one another and, ultimately, change the direction of health care.

Sessions echoed the sentiments of what’s happening in health care and participants’ shared desire to change the system—to make it work better for patients, as well as for clinicians.

But what is happening in health care these days?

  • Continued movement from quantity (fee for service) to quality in the form of value based arrangements.
  • An emphasis on integrating and adopting behavioral health into the primary care setting.
  • A need for valuable, sustaining PCMH activities for long-term success.
  • A push to understand how to make in-office technology work efficiently and effectively.

CCE Opportunities at PCMH Congress

Congress Experience

For NCQA PCMH CCEs, this annual conference is an opportunity to mingle with like-minded individuals and hear about their PCMH projects. CCEs share tips and tools—everyone’s in this together—and there is ample time to network with NCQA staff, with vendors, with speakers. Sometimes a fresh perspective is what a practice or CCE needs to change gears, rejuvenate a “stuck” project and take it across the finish line.

The Congress is also an opportunity to hear what’s happening across the country and what might be coming your way, and to learn about best practices. For example, the New York State Department of Health has instituted a new PCMH program for all currently Recognized practices and those wishing to seek initial Recognition. The program emphasizes technology, care management and care coordination with outside providers and facilities—expanding the concept of the medical home across the continuum of care.

Although not all states will scale a PCMH program the same way, learning how a health system, community or state approached implementation of PCMH gives CCEs the opportunity to scale a big idea to fit the needs of an organization, client or practice.

Congress ExperienceThe Congress Experience – Be Inspired

Congress sessions are geared to give you a better understanding of the current landscape of health care across United States, regardless of your clinical or administrative background. And it covers a broad range of subjects: Whether you are interested in MACRA, in scaling your PCMH efforts, in developing clinical quality measures, you’ll find a session to address your interest. Congress is a great learning experience that will encourage and inspire you with ideas to use with your practice, organization and clients.

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